Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Twidiet update...

I have assigned every pound I have to loose a character in the saga. So far I am 29.8 characters down. Yes, I have a lot to go but it is a fun way to measure my progress.
In just a few more pounds I will reach my first goal. As my little reward I am treating myself to my first real hair cut in years. My hair is now down to the middle of my butt. The reason I grew it out was so I could donate it to Locks of Love. I am so close to my goal now that I have had to research what I need to do to donate my hair. Luckily it is easy, goes to a great cause, and I get a fancy new hair cut to go celebrate taking care of me!

My Twilife...

It never stops amazing me how Twilight has changed my life. It makes me wonder what I would have done without it. What would my life be like without my twisisters? How would I channel my crafting energy? And would I ever have become a reader again? For so many years I had stopped reading for pleasure. Too many hours of too many days were spent reading Dr. Suess, involved farm animals, or were based on a PBS cartoon! I guess that is just part of being a mom though.
When I found twilight it was like a door opened. I found myself at the Library after that picking up a book here and there. Soon I found I was searching for books and other authors that my sister had recommended. As well as reading books that were coming out as movies that some of my favorite Twistars were also in. Here I am 18 months later with piles of books to read and waiting for more books (Including Stephenie's Newest saga book) to come out!
Twilight has given me a little piece of me back!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

From Monterey to Norway to San Francisco and back again!

Here in Monterey this new "vegetarian" lifestyle goes on. Walking, drinking water, and making good food choices. This new life of mine leaves me feeling a bit like Jasper after he has first met Alice. Excited, nervous and a little unsure but decided.
In Norway a TM was recently visiting her family. After emailing back and fourth with her she all to kindly agreed to hunt down a copy of Twilight in Norwegian. Weeks later she came back home to the states and now I have book #39. To top it off she had won a little money while there and so she gifted me my book! I never stopped being amazed by how generous the TM's are. We've never even met and yet she did all this for me!
Around the corner is the San Francisco Twilight Convention. I tried to get my new Norwegian friend to come with me but she can come this year. So, I am trying to gather a group of girls to come with me from Monterey. Last year I had a great time! This year I'm going to see Jasper himself, Jackson Rathbone. For like one full minute I'll get to stand with him arm and arm and I'm sure I'll be excited, nervous and a little unsure but decided. I can't wait!

Friday, January 7, 2011


Bella didn't want to get older. That, I don't mind. But my annual birthday party has become a bit of it's own event. Last year there were over 40 of us. LOTS OF FOOD. I have a big themed potluck every year. There is aways a great cake, wine, cocktails, games, prizes, goody bags, and more. So, as much as Bella was worried about her birthday I think, so am I.
I know I can plan for it. Save my weekly points. A nice fruit salad and a couple of eggs for breakfast, maybe a nice vegetarian salad for lunch but we've all been here before. Drinking lots of water with dinner helps too. Sometimes it's just hard not to worry just a little.
Then I think of my friends, supportive and loving. Even the ones 1000's of miles away are cheering me on. TM's sending me recipes and wishing me luck while I take each baby step toward my goal.
My goal! Yes... I have a variety of goals actually. And I have a variety of rewards for myself set up along the way too. My goal weight reward is the one I am already dreaming about though. I am planning a Twilight/Memorial Tattoo. Butterflies to honor of my Grams, and a quote, " I promise to love you every moment of forever." I may do flowers like the ones from the meadow, or Bella's wedding. I may incorporate Bella's or my Grams Wedding ring too, I'm not sure yet but just dreaming of it brings a smile to my face.
Hummm... Maybe that will help me stay focused on my birthday. I wonder if Bella knew she was going to become a vampire it would have helped her?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A newborn like Bella

OK, I know it is only day 3 but I feel a little like Bella as a Newborn. I feel so well informed I don't even want to eat, or in Bella's case drink, what I shouldn't. Maybe it is because I get SO MANY points but I just don't know how I am supposed to eat all this and use those weekly points. I'm sure they'll come in handy for dinners out, birthdays and such but I'll admit I've never had this happen before. So, with any luck the first time I truly encounter my first challenge, like Bella I'll be able to turn away and follow my heart.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sisters not siblings

Finding friends online to talk to, and share with, has been a source of strength for me. Whether it's on Facebook, Weighlossbuddies or Twilightmoms I have built relationships with people like me. Moms, friends, and Twilightlovers. Some are tall and curvy, others petite like pixies, and everyone else falls somewhere in between. What I love though is that all of them are supportive and love me for who I am unconditionally. And like Rose is to Alice, and Alice is to Bella, and Bella to Rose, they are my sisters.

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Jasper Day

Happy New year my friends! With the new year come just one resolution. It is time to loose some of this extra weight. So, I've joined Weight Watchers and am letting the Cullen's be my guide.
You know the first few days of a dietary change are the hardest. There is excitement and nervousness. Each meal presents it's own challenges and all the while your roaming eye spies juicy bits just sitting there looking irresistible.
Today was my first day back using Weight Watchers. Learning how to use a point system, and the value of each food has been the first big challenge. Knowing this is the right change not only for me, but for my family, has been the reward though. In moments of weakness I just envision Edward sucking the venom from Bella's arm and finding the power to stop. I'm finding the power to stop. I'm finding the the power to follow my heart. I'm finding the power to be the woman I know I am.